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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I wont waffle on...

... mainly because it will take me so long to actually type anything on this French-layout keboard. I look like a technophobe typing with 2 fingers and watching exactly where each one presses.
OK this image is obviously pro but just wanted to show everyone what we will be indulging on this evening in Brussels. I arrived safely greeted by my friend Seb at the bus station having crossed the English channel by ferry via Dover from London, another 8 hours on top of the 23 already spent watching a true movie marathon on the Qantas plane from Melbourne. With 7 or so hours in London to fill before boarding i headed for Hyde Park to sit and read but couldn't find a dry park bench as it had just poured with rain, and then was lucky enough to catch up with Kirsty at Victoria station for a 'coffee' and (Klara you'll be happy to hear) hot chocolate.
So in a few hours Corrina and I will finally meet at the train station and thus begin our 5 month adventure together!


  • "Waffleman! I'm the waffler, golden crispy, bad guys are history! " - The Waffleman ;P hehe

    By Blogger Mishka, at 5:47 PM  

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