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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The sign says it all, but the picture cant. Amazing!

Hiking for 5 days

If anyone wants to contact me you wont be able for a couple of days, as i will be hiking around the mountainous Patagonian peaks of Torres del Paine.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Moving digs

Hi everyone, we are still happily in Buenos Aires for the next few days, but moving into a hostel, so not sure how much i will be connected to email etc. The phone number we bought cannot send or receive messages from australia, very handy, so text messages are out. Heading off on Monday, not exactly sure where yet, so stay tuned.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Buenos dias in Buenos Aires

We┬┤ve arrived safe and sound to Buenos Aires, Argentina, after what we were dreading could be a gruelling 40 hour mammoth bus ride from Rio de Janeiro. Check a map, its a long way away!
Instead it was probably one of the easiest, most comfortable trips to date. Travelling past beautiful scenery the bus company really looked after us with breakfast on board, with hot coffee and snacks, and stops at super cheap all you can eat barbeque place for lunch... but one of the craziest things was last night, where we stopped at a normal bus station with a restaurantt and although not very hungry i thought we should eat anyway. Upon entering i put my dormant Spanish language into use by asking the waiter for a menu before committing. He rambled something i didnt understand but we sat anyway. The girl next to me confirmed that dinner was included, a great chicken milanesa AND our first taste of the famous Argentinian wine! AND dessert, but when they brought around the Champagne i couldnt believe it was happening. Without even realising it the restaurant was emptying and everyone was getting on the bus, and there we were sipping away happily. We sculled the last and then jumped aboard to watch a couple of films (even Garfield 2 wasnt bad!) and then slept soundlly, until arriving this morning.
So we are staying with friends of mine in their house (somewhere) in Buenos Aires. the house is beautiful and the family is very friendly, we are very happy. In the next day or so i will buy a new phone number so people can text us, but otherwise i am sure they will let us use their phone to call reverse chargesss if anyone wants to speak to us!
Ok, time to shower, relax by the pool and maybe siesta before heading out as touristas again. Chau, hasta luego, or hasta la vista, baby

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years 2007

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great new years eve, just as we did with so many of our close friends here on Ipanema beach... I have no idea exactly how many, but lets just say this was the scene before the hordes of people from Copacabana joined after watching the huge fireworks display. They were, after all, keen to see the Black Eyed Peas perform their free concert on the beach.
We are leaving Rio today for Itacare, Bahia for 2 weeks before jumping on a 3 day bus to Buenos Aires, Argentina.