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Thursday, November 30, 2006

At the copa.. copacabana...!

Oi tudo bem, gente! (Or hi, how are you everyone.)
So after a lengthy flight from London to Rio de Janeiro we have arrived safe and sound to my friend Carolina´s house in Ipanema, in their new apartment in the fanciest part of town.
Already we´ve had our first tastes of great Brazilian hospitality and of course the famous Caipirinha, the local rocket fuel-like alcohol to get these balmy nights rockiñ´.
So its not exactly beach weather, but what better way to spend some time than go shopping and enjoy the delights of new clothes that dont require a sniff test to see if they can be worn.
We managed to upload some photos of our fantastic time in Europe, so please check them out on Corrina´s website: http://corrinafleur.blogspot.com/
Well, i had better go, and updates will be coming soon. Hope everyone is well.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Arrividerci Italy

Well we have had such a great time here in Italy and its going to be sad to leave tomorrow, and will having to get the early airport bus things we might be tired and emotional and shed a tear for the eternal city.
OK, so i still havent got my photos sorted, but hopefully in south america, or even london i will post some of our great holiday happy snaps.
We are both very well, healthy and looking forward to more amazing travel adventures in South America.
Ciao bellas and bellos,
James and Corrina

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ciao bella

Umm, where did i leave off? I know, its been so long, and this whole blog thing isnt getting the attention my avid readers deserve, but at least its a way of telling friends and family we are still alive and kicking!
Ok, so we are in a lovely lil' town in northern Italy called La Spezia, staying in a cute B&B. Today was the big Cinque Terre trek. Actually for less fit people it might have been challenging but for us youngsters it was a breeze. Lovely scenery of course and yummy pizza along the way, so who can complain.
Just before arriving we spent some great days in Nice France, visiting Monaca too, which was absolutely great. Must earn a few trillion dollars first before i can afford the apartment and yacht, but surely worth it. What a place, and with such a great acquarium too, so so good. Lots of Nemos to laugh at.
Ok, so i wont bore anyone with teh price of internet, just to say its a little pricey so i am gunna go. Hope all are well, arrrivaderci.